Arkansas Migrant Credit Recovery Program

The Arkansas Department of Education has approved Red Comet Digital Curriculum as a fully accredited organization that has been offering online courses for credit since 1999. Eligible migrant students in grades 9-12 can register to use the Red Comet online program for credit recovery.

(1) Review the Credit Recovery Course List
(2) Choose the course to complete
(3) Get pre-approval from the school principal and counselor
(4) Complete the Credit Recovery Registration Form

All courses are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at no cost to the student. The curriculum is self-paced with the assistance of a certified teacher by email or Skype. All of the courses offered are approved by ADE and correlate with the Arkansas standards. For more information, you may email

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  • wh_ii
  • wh_i
  • us_hist_ii
  • us_hist_i
  • pre-algebra-sem-2
  • pre-algebra-sem-1
  • journalism1
  • health-i
  • geo_i
  • english_writing_grade_10
  • english_writing_grade_9
  • english_reading_grade_10
  • english_reading_grade_9
  • economics
  • creative-writing
  • biology-semester-2 (1)
  • alg_ii_sem_i
  • biology-semester-1
  • alg_i_sem_i
  • american_government

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