Services for Preschool

Arkansas Migrant Education Program identifies and addresses specific needs of preschool students by using the School Readiness Checklist. This tool includes evaluations on language, writing, and reading skills, as well as mathematical thinking and expression. Other skills evaluated by this tool include social and emotional readiness, physical development, and health and safety awareness. The School Readiness Checklist is administered two times per year. Data results are used by preschool advocates to guide in-home lessons provided to preschool students.

In-home instruction is mostly provided to preschool students who are not enrolled in center-based programs. ARMEP also works in close collaboration with local preschool centers such as Arkansas Better Chance (ABC) and Head Start to facilitate enrollment of migratory children in preschool programs. ARMEP is planning to join collaboration with other migrant programs across the nation to find more effective ways to serve migratory preschool students by partnering with the Preschool Initiative Consortium (PI). This partnership will provide to ARMEP with evidence-based services to improve school readiness and to strengthen the involvement of migrant parents in their child’s education. PI focuses on ways the MEP can increase not only participation in structured preschools, but also promote promising approaches to training migrant educators and parents in strategies that demonstrate improved school readiness.  Primary goals of the Preschool Initiative Consortium (PI) are:

  • Expand the capacity of state and local MEPs to serve migrant pre-school children
  • Ensure that more services are provided to migrant 3 to 5 year-old children, thereby demonstrating substantial and measurable educational gains
  • Disseminate evidence-based and promising practices developed by PI to the national MEP community and other stakeholders


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